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September 1949

St. Alban's Day Nursery was incorporated and chartered by the State of Florida housed in a frame building made available rent-free by Christ Episcopal Church.

december 1949 

The first by-laws were adopted, providing for three officers and the Chairmen of Standing Committees.


The Nursery was licensed by the Florida State Welfare Board to care for 45 children in the structure then occupied.

year of 1952

The Nursery was granted a deed for a plot of ground 100 feet by 336 feet on which to build a much needed new home. This is the property on which the present building now stands.


In the late summer, the Nursery moved into its new building located at 3465 Brooker Street, Coconut Grove, adequate to care for 60 children, and so licensed. 

Year of 1958

By the end of 1958, the Nursery was serving over 60 children from 58 families, the professional staff had been enlarged, and support from United Fund (successor to Community Chest) had increased.

YEAR OF 1965

St. Alban's received a bequest from the Estate of Fannie L. Blumberg, who had earlier shown great interest in the work of the Nursery. The $26,000 fund was earmarked for construction of an addition large enough to care for 40 more children.


A contract had been negotiated with the Economic Opportunity Program, for sufficient funds to equip, supply and staff for 30 children in the poverty bracket. The Welfare Board accepted this project, financing the program on an experimental basis for a period of  one-year, to end March 31, 1967. By that date, 30 children had been placed in eight homes. 

YEAR OF 1975

St. Alban's was funded for 280 children in the two programs. 150 of those children were funded by Metropolitan Dade County Child Development program (the successor of 4C's), 45 were funded by the United Way of Dade County, 40 by the Community Action Agency Head Start Program and 45 by the City of Miami Revenue Sharing Program.

year of 1976 

With the aid of the City of Miami, a beautiful new classroom was added to the present facility. The license capacity was increased to 290 children.


On February 1, 1983 St. Alban's acquired a second center for 74 additional children. This center is located at 6060 SW 66th Street, South Miami, Florida.